The Disease: Cryphonectria parasiticaAbundant Lumber No MoreAmerican Chestnut Has Not Gone Extinct.

The Disease: Cryphonectria parasitica

Slightly before the turn of the century the Cryphonectria parasitica, reduced the American chestnut from its position as the dominant tree species in the eastern forest to little more than an early-succession-stage shrub.

Abundant Lumber No More

There has been essentially no chestnut lumber sold in the United States for several decades and the bulk of the annual 20-million-pound nut crop now comes from introduced chestnut species or imported nuts.

American Chestnut Has Not Gone Extinct.

The species has survived. The most recent USDA Forest Service survey for New York State indicates that there may be as many as 60 million of these sprout clumps in New York State, a rich gene pool for starting a restoration effort.

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